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Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Wang Wang, PhD (2015-2016)

Current position: Research Assistant

University of Alberta, Canada


Siva Sakamuri, PhD (2014-2016)

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Tulane University, USA

Dong Fan, MD, PhD (2011-2016)

Current position: Associate Professor

Zhuhai Campus of Zunyi Medical University, China

Former Staff

Sue Wang, PhD (2007-2017)

Current position: Lab Technician

University of Alberta, Canada

Former Graduate Students

Mengcheng Shen, PhD (2013-2018)

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Stanford University, USA

Abhijit Takawale, PhD (2011-2017)

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Montreal Heart Institute, Canada


Jiwon Lee, MSc (2011-2013)

Current position: PhD Candidate

University of Toronto, Canada

Ratnaddep Basu, MD, PhD (2008-2013)

Current position: Internal Cardiology Resident

University of Alberta Hospital, Canada

Vijay Kandalam, PhD (2007-2012)

Current position: Laboratory Analyst

Medical Research Core, University of Calgary, Canada

Ahmed Awad, MSc (2007-2009)

Current position: Family Physician

Edmonton, Canada

Former Summer/Undergraduate Students

Priya Aujla (2018)

Michael Chute (2016-2017)

Sidhant Pamnani (2014-2015)

Jennifer Lo (2010)

Aaron Fong (2016)

Jacoba Snellen (2016)

Nadia Panahi (2013-2014)

Lu Qiao (2010)

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