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Graduate students


Mei Hu
PhD Student/MD, joined lab in 2017

Research focus: Atherosclerosis & Aortic aneurysm

Yingxi's photo.jpeg

Yingxi Li
MSc Student, joined lab in Sep 2021

Research focus: Role of ADAMs in fibrosis.

Priya Aujla

PhD Student, joined lab in 2018

Research focus: ADAM15 in Cardiomyopathy.

Razowan Al Rimon.jpg

Research focus: ADAMs & Inflammation

Tolga Killic-profile pic.jpg

Tolga Kilic

PhD Student, joined lab in 2020

Research focus: ADAMs & Atherosclerosis


Jiechun Zhu
PhD Student, joined lab in 2022

Research focus: Matlloproteinases and aortic aneurysm.



Michael Chute, MSc (2017-2020)

Mengcheng Shen, PhD (2013-2018)

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Stanford University, USA

Abhijit Takawale, PhD (2011-2017)

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Montreal Heart Institute, Canada

Ratnaddep Basu, MD, PhD (2008-2013)

Current position: Cardiologist at

University of Alberta Hospital, Canada

Vijay Kandalam, PhD (2007-2012)

Current position: Laboratory Analyst

Medical Research Core,

Jiwon Lee, MSc (2011-2013)

Ahmed Awad, MSc (2007-2009)

Razoan Al Rimon
PhD Student, joined lab in Jan 2022

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